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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Electronic Tablets; BOON or DOOM?

Why hesitate to give each student his own tablet? Why do parents and teachers have qualms?
Can it be the fear of addiction? Youngsters do become entranced by certain games and involved in social media text messaging, entirely absorbing their attention, to the exclusion of all other interests. I remember when television was the big bad wolf, which interfered with homework and studies. Students need guidance on the application of their time to useful activities.
Why the big fear?
Precisely the ability to entrance the student, which is what causes the hesitation, is its greatest strength as an educational tool.
The tablet is not the danger; its application is where the pitfalls lie.
Once a student is interested in a subject, what better media is available for him to gather all the facts? He has at his finger-touch; on-line encyclopedias, tutorial videos, travelogues, musical appreciation of all kinds.
The price of these devices is dropping, soon they will cost not much more than standard toys. (There are always the latest models for the leading edge clan, but for the rest of us last year's model at cheap prices is quite adequate). The tablets are becoming ubiquitous. Let us make a concerted effort to guide our students to the most fruitful application of their toys.

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